AI Grant Application

Get $2,500 for your AI project. Apply by August 25, 2017.


This form has two parts. First we want to learn a little bit about yourself, then about your project.

About you

Fancy credentials not required; we're just looking for evidence that you're actually capable of finishing your project.
Provide links to any interesting projects that you've done, along with a brief description. The more the better.
If you are employed, who is your employer? Will they allow you to open source your work? If you're not employed, tell us a little about your situation (where do you work/study, etc).
Please connect as many accounts as possible. This helps us gather a well rounded view of yourself.

Your Project

Describe your project, including: where you got the idea, how you think others might use it, and how it is new/different/better than what already exists. This is the main answer we use to judge applications.
Select the category (or categories) that best apply to your project.
How long do you expect your project to take? Sketch out a couple of milestones along the way that you can use to measure your progress. This can be rough.

Your application won't be shared outside the review team without your permission.

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